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The Maine Quality Forum (MQF) presents this Web site to make information on the quality of care in Maine hospitals more accessible to people who use and provide health care in Maine.

The Web site has two sections:

Maine Hospital Quality Snapshots

The Maine Hospital Quality Snapshots present simple metrics on how hospitals care for patients with specific clinical conditions. It contains:
  • Performance Meters of each hospital's performance on different measures of healthcare quality
  • Data Tables with all the data for each hospital on all measures of healthcare quality
To begin, choose "Select Hospital" here, or on the left menu beneath “Maine Hospital Quality Snapshots.”

Methods and Advice

This section includes:
  • Methods on how the measures were developed and how they are presented on this Web site
  • Advice to Users on how to use this information to become more informed and make better decisions when choosing a hospital
To begin, choose "Methods" or "Advice to Users" here, or on the left menu beneath, "Methods and Advice."

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Last Update: July 2012